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Custom Designs

Robotics Controllers
Multipoint Digital I/O
& 24Ch A/D & D/A
(Commercial and Military)

Complex Waveform
Generators (Commercial and Military)

16/24 Channel
Electric Fence Detection and
System Controller

Fast Prototyping and Concept Proofing
(Lake/Ocean bottom Silt Level Detection)

Cellulose Ethanol Processing and

Lighting and Robotics


Company Profile

  • Vortex Research Incorporated operates primarily in the area of Research and Product Development. The types of products developed range from process control and medical instrumentation through robotics, computer controlled gaming and simulation systems, and finally cellulose ethanol and hydrogen process systems including co-generation, alternative energy, propulsion and communications systems. The company is federally incorporated and has been in operation since 1984. We have worked with the NRC, ORF/ORDCF, Universities and a number of private sector companies to produce workable cost effective products and solutions.
  • We provide research and development services in the areas of hardware/software design, ethanol and hydrogen processes, co-generation and alternative energy systems design. Materials selection/metallurgy are handled in house by Vortex. Client approved outside consultants or corporate affiliates are used for specialized business and marketing studies.
  • Please address any information requests or product queries to info@vortexresearch.com.

New Information

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    Kinetically Active Dielectric Fero-Polymers and Stealth Application
    SQUID Applications in Cellular Signature Measurements for preemptive Organ Failure Analysis
    Differential Time Analysis using non-locally entrained Monopoles

New Product Launch


We offer a complete solution for analog and/or digital hardware/software product development and many related project and business services. This includes, but is not limited to, business plans, marketing studies, psychological market impact analysis, software and hardware design, schematic capture, PCB generation, prototyping, testing, packaging and managing mass production of products. A number of the services we provide are as follows;

  • System design for Ethanol, Bio-diesel and H2+O+O3 catalytic and electrostatic generation.
  • Hydroponic lighting systems and robotics.
  • Lethal and Non-lethal Barrier Defense Systems.
  • Security / Access Control Auditing, both physical systems and networks.
  • Security Systems breach analysis (network “hacking” and software “cracking” only with signed contracts).
  • Failure testing for embedded processors, firmware and software systems.
  • Software Development in Visual Basic, C++, Visual C, Prolog, Visual Prolog and/or “port-able” Assembly language (27 processor bases) for robotics, SCADA and Encryption Systems.
  • Software Development for Inference Engines, an example would be rule based AI systems.
  • Software Development for MS-DOS, Windows 98/NT4/W2k/Win2k3/XP/Win7 and UNIX based platforms.
  • Hardware Development for most generic Texas Instruments, Intel, Microchip and Motorola processors and DSP’s including high speed RISC engines for robotics, SCADA, Data Acquisition, Communications and Energy Generation.
  • Analogue and Digital Data Acquisition hardware development.
  • Project Management for small to medium sized ventures.
  • Project Analysis and Feasibility Studies.
  • Packaging Development using Acad. PCB Design using Tango PCB, PCAD and Gerber.
  • Schematic Capture and generation using OrCAD SDT/ESP and/or Cadence.
  • NT4/Win2K/Win2K3/Linux/Sun Servers, Firewall, Proxy Configuration and Maintenance.
  • Site Development for Web Pages, Hosting, VPN, IntraNets and ExtraNets.
  • Web site Hosting and Internet Acceleration.


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