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Robotics Controllers
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Complex Waveform
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16/24 Channel
Electric Fence Detection and
System Controller

Fast Prototyping and Concept Proofing
(Lake/Ocean bottom Silt Level Detection)

Cellulose Ethanol Processing and

Lighting and Robotics


Shown above in watertight, NEMA 4 Enclosure

Product Description

The Vortex PPLC/PLC (Procyon Research CC - Vortex subsidiary) is an easy to use and yet very powerful programmable controller that can trigger up to 16 different Output events based on 8 Input conditions plus Time. The PLC is programmed in simple Boolean Algebra where AND, OR and XOR conditions are represented by simple visual markers such as +, - and /. Specifying On or Off states is also simple, N=On, F=Off. The eight (8) Inputs are optically isolated and can accept voltages up to 160vdc. The sixteen (16) Outputs are controlled by 30 AMP SPDT relays. This gives the user the flexibility of dry contacts to control MCC’s or pumps and other high current devices directly. A little of the programming is explained below as taken directly from the source code.

The PLC is supplied in a NEMA 4 Enclosure as a standard and comes with a power supply, LC Display, 4x4 Keyboard, Output Indicators and sixteen 30amp SPDT relays


This PLC was originally designed for farmers in Africa where well water was at a premium. It could be used to sequence crop feeding at specific times and programmed using LDR’s to follow sunset and sunrise to take advantage of night time watering cycles. Additionally, the device can be used to sequence greenhouse operations or as an Enthalpy Controller in HVAC applications. With the correct outboard sensors, this little device can control air changes in mines as well or provide automatic control of lighting systems in residential or commercial/industrial buildings.

Brief Description of Programming Methods from the ASSM Files
PLC.ASM: Package for 16/8 bit PLC system w/LC Display & Keyboard
* System Description, Small PLC with 16 outputs, 8 inputs and a real time onboard timer
* generated clock.

* Unit is user programmable and has LC Display and Keyboard as the user programming interface. Has
* onboard serial* channel for networked operation and 16 relay outputs* or as required up to 16
* maximum. Uses 2 12 vdc* batteries for power or AC/DC on board converter for* +/- 12 vdc and + 5vdc.
* User Programming, In format as follows,
O1(N) = I1(N)+I2(F)+I7(N)+T(14:22)+D(45.0)
* The above indicates that OUTPUT 1 will turn on when
* INPUT 1 is high and INPUT 2 is low and INPUT 7 is high
* and T(time) is 14:22 and will run for a D(duration) of
* 45 minutes.
O2(F) = I2(F)+I3(O)/I5(O)+I6(F)/T(15:44)
* Output 2 will turn off if Input 2 is off and Input 3
* is on or if Input 5 is on and Input 6 is off or if the
* time is 15:44.

You can download the complete Texas Instruments 77C82 processor based for informational purposes only;


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