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Custom Designs

Robotics Controllers
Multipoint Digital I/O
& 24Ch A/D & D/A
(Commercial and Military)

Complex Waveform
Generators (Commercial and Military)

16/24 Channel
Electric Fence Detection and
System Controller

Fast Prototyping and Concept Proofing
(Lake/Ocean bottom Silt Level Detection)

Cellulose Ethanol Processing and

Lighting and Robotics

Robotics Systems



We have been involved in a number of types of robotic and automation systems and applications ranging from automated control of vehicle accessories and suspension to underwater ROV systems and manufactured agriculture. A product list;

  • Building Automation Systems - Pneumatic
  • Vehicle Variable Pitch Air Dam Control - Pneumatic
  • Vehicle Variable Suspension Control - Pnuematic
  • Hydroponic/Aeroponic Manufactured Agriculture - Electromechanical and Pneumatic
  • Underwater ROV’s - Electromechanical and Pneumatic
  • Weapon Targeting AI - Electromechanical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic
  • LC Display Repair - Electromechanical


Intel 80C196NT Based Robotic Controller Board
For use in Underwater ROV’s and Submarines


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