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Published April 12, 2012

LF to 300khz, 5ghz and 100ghz Personal Active EMF Shield

Product Description

Applications and Use

Naturopaths, Homeopaths and other practitioners of both the alternative and mainstream health industry will find this device very beneficial. The device can be used as a tool to;

  • provide additional  therapy during massage or healing sessions.
  • balance energy systems in the body through surface equalization.
  • increase joint mobility
  • decrease inflammation
  • provide micro-current therapy
  • increase vitality and help remove the effects of depression


After years of research relating to (biological) cell and grouped cooperative cell signature analysis we have come to the conclusion that organs in the body when dysfunctional, send out a signal in the form of synchronous (groupings from multiple organs are asynchronous) electromagnetic frequencies much like the brain during an epileptic seizure. From the research, we have found that these “signals” vary in amplitude proportionally to the amount of damage that has occurred in any specific organ. The theory finds that healthy (good) cells in close proximity to damaged or mutated (bad) cells behave on the surface in a similar manner to the ”bad” cells, mimicking them before the “good” cells become dysfunctional. As more “good” cells become dysfunctional, larger groupings of attached good cells will start mimicking the new mass of bad cells (hence why some diseases increase in voracity at an exponential rate, like cancer). Since all the bad cells produce “key” signatures, the amplitude of the electromagnetic signal the bad cells produce is amplified (the sum of all the signals) and becomes measurable. The object is to take this measurable signal and invert it to produce destructive interference to disrupt the mimicking process so that “good” cells do not turn into “bad” cells, so that the immune system can do its job and not be overwhelmed by the exponential growth of colonies of dysfunctional cells.


On testing multiple subjects of varying degrees of health using noninvasive probes, a pattern emerged that gave rise to specific indications that when organs were failing or dysfunctional, their frequency emissions became synchronous (or asynchronous in multiple organs), symmetrical and greater in amplitude, much like the patterns of errant brain wave activity during a seizure. The increased amplitude signal acted very similar to a carrier wave. In healthy test subjects, the frequency emissions were totally chaotic, producing a white noise type of patterning which appeared as simple background noise. This gave rise to a theory that, the application of  identical inverted errant waveforms at the skin might produce a rate change at the source of these errant frequencies and possibly corrects the cause.

It was also found that EMF radiation from external sources could be measured and analyzed at the skin barrier of the human body and that similar but inverted EMF signals could be transmitted to the body to produce functional wave collapse (destructive interference), or a null point at the skin where the sum of the waves equaled zero.


Patents Pending: #  2,774,833

Primary Function of the DeviceEMF_Shield_Inside_sensor

The device senses the electromagnetic frequency and its associated amplitude at the skin. The sensed EMF may be from either internal (dysfunctional systems) or external sources (AC Power, RF interference, circuit radiation, radio waves, etc.) and both are processed in a similar manner. The device measures the body’s total frequency content in real time. When an “errant” frequency is found, that frequency is automatically separated (filtered) from the rest of the body’s frequencies. The resulting filtered frequency is inverted and then sent back to the body at the same amplitude as the original signal. The result is that the sum of the non-inverted (original) and the inverted EMF signal (device applied) cancel each other out. This is called waveform collision and in our case wave function collapse. The correct chaotic signals that appear as “white noise” in the body are left unaffected.

This gives rise to two forms of simultaneous operation;

  • Active Electromagnetic Shield Function - EMF sensed at the skin by the device from externally radiative sources is analyzed and separated/filtered  from the body’s normal background noise. The external signal is then inverted and sent back to the skin producing summation with the external EMF signal at which point the two signals cancel each other out at the skin using destructive interference.
  • Active EMF Signal Attenuation - EMF sensed at the skin by the device from internally dysfunctional sources, is analyzed and separated/filtered from the body’s normal background noise.  The internal signal is then inverted and sent back to the skin producing summation with the errant internal EMF signal at which point the two signals cancel each other out at the skin using destructive interference.

Secondary Functions of the Device

The device does more than sum opposite waves, included in the device is;

  • MicroCurrent Generation - A micro-current generator. It has been well postulated that micro-currents have the ability to stimulate new healthy cell growth and adversely effect cancer cells. This is an optional function and any of these devices can be outfitted with this option.
  • Information/Links

    Schumann Resonance Frequency Field Generator - This is an adjustable sine wave set initially at      7.83 HZ,  the same resonant frequency as the Earth. The frequency can be adjusted from 3hz to 59.9hz. This particular resonator uses sensing pads on the body and your skin becomes the antenna. You can’t get any closer to coming in contact with the natural resonance of the Earth.


The device can be provided in two formats that operate between 0.1hz to 300khz or a higher frequency range of 1hz to 5ghz. Regardless of upper frequency limit, both ranges of the device also contain a Schumann Resonance Field Generator and may contain a optional micro-current source and an output selector. If you wish to use the Schumann Resonance Generator for a larger area, we can supply an antenna package at additional cost.

EMF_Shield_Front1Attachment to the Body

We use disk shaped piezo-electric transducers for both the receiver and the transmitter. These are attached at present using surgical tape. The controller is about the size of a small portable radio or microphone transmitter. Power requirements are a single 9 volt DC batteries. We can also supply the device with a 9 vdc rechargeable battery and plug in charger.

What the device will not do

Since the device is fully automatic, it will not indicate to you the frequency or the organ that might be failing or dysfunctional. We suggest you follow the advice of your doctor and remain on whatever treatment he/she/they have prescribed. We have built an initial device that performs additional analytical functions which sends its output to a computer for analysis. This second device is considerably more expensive, requires our software and input interface and training in its operation. It is not available at this time for sale or public use as it is a research tool.

Potential Uses of the Device

We make no medical claims and concentrate on the area of Active EMF Shield operations.

This device was designed to act as an EMF shield against 50hz or 60hz AC EMF radiation and subsequent harmonics but has been functionally expanded to operate up to 300khz in the lower frequency range product. This device works well with normal AC power, florescent lighting systems, PWM power supplies in computers, stereos and other household appliances, except high frequency transceiver type devices.

The 1hz to 5ghz high frequency range device has been produced to act as an EMF shield for cell phones, radio phones and other low power FM/SW/VHF/UHF/microwave radiative sources but also covers the lower frequency ranges for 50hz and 60hz AC EMF.

Please Note: The military and other organizations have been producing ultrasonic to microwave EMF radiation emissive devices for which our device in the 1hz to 100ghz range has a reasonable probability of being used as a countermeasure. However, the countermeasure function for weapon systems has not been tested to date. I could joke and say I am looking for guinea pigs, but when the time comes, I will test the unit myself.

One Page Product Brochure

One Page Operations Sheet

Please Contact us before Ordering. Each unit is individually custom made and tested.

Price and Delivery

EMFS-100:  0.1hz to 300khz Active EMF Shield/Schumann Resonance Generator and Micro-current Generator includes operating instructions, warranty card, batteries and two electrodes plus shipping and taxes (as applicable). (OUT OF STOCK, Please contact us before placing an order). Please contact us for per unit cost and approximate delivery dates.


EMFS-200: 1hz to 5gz Active EMF Shield/Schumann Resonance Generator and Micro-current Generator includes operating instructions, warranty card, batteries, two electrodes plus shipping and taxes (as applicable). Delivery takes 8 to 10 weeks. (OUT OF STOCK, Please contact us before placing an order). Please contact us for cost and approximate delivery dates.


EMFS-300: 1hz to 100gz Active EMF Shield/Schumann Resonance Generator and Micro-current Generator includes operating instructions, warranty card, batteries, two electrodes plus shipping and taxes (as applicable). Delivery takes 10 to 12 weeks. Please contact us for cost and approximate delivery dates.

These devices are custom made, calibrated and fully tested in our lab in CANADA prior to shipment to meet exacting specifications. They are ready to use as soon as you take them out of the box, attach the electrodes and attach the batteries.

In all cases, Customs brokerage, taxes and duties are the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping costs are generally less than $30.00 for the US and Canada via UPS, Fedex, DHL or Purolator  for single units and are sent standard delivery, 3 days US, 1 to 2 days Canada. European shipping has been about $75.00 for 5 to 7 day delivery by air, surface 6 week delivery rates are much less expensive.


All our products have a two (2) year replace or repair (at our discretion) warranty. If a product fails to operate due to component failure it will be covered by our warranty. We do not cover abuse, misuse, connecting to an incorrect power source, immersion in any fluid, etc., use common sense. All we ask is that you ship the product back to us at your cost and we will ship it back repaired or replaced to you at our cost.

Ordering Quantities Directly from Vortex Research Inc.

Please specify quantity, shipping method, name, address and phone number in your e-mail as well as payment method. DO NOT SEND ANY CREDIT CARD OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION IN EMAIL. For security reasons, orders should be placed over the phone or by fax. We are set up to accept Paypal or money orders payable at Canadian banks. We can also accept Visa or Mastercard through Paypal as stated below.

We are presently accepting orders on our initial manufacturing run.


We have distributors presently in Canada, the US and Australia. If you would be interested in distributing our products wholesale you can e-mail us at info@vortexresearch.com

Single Unit Payment

Payment can be made using Paypal (confirmed address), VISA or Mastercard through Paypal or money orders payable at Canadian Banks.


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