Vortex Research Inc.
Research and Product Development

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Custom Designs

Robotics Controllers
Multipoint Digital I/O
& 24Ch A/D & D/A
(Commercial and Military)

Complex Waveform
Generators (Commercial and Military)

16/24 Channel
Electric Fence Detection and
System Controller

Fast Prototyping and Concept Proofing
(Lake/Ocean bottom Silt Level Detection)

Cellulose Ethanol Processing and

Lighting and Robotics


Water Cooled and Electronic Lights
for hydroponics and conventional agriculture

Our One Page Brochure

Back in 1999/2000 we created a series of both water cooled HPS and electronic lighting systems.
 These lights may be purchased directly from Vortex Research Inc.

If you have any questions about their operation or cost,
 please e-mail us at;



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