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Research and Product Development

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Custom Designs

Robotics Controllers
Multipoint Digital I/O
& 24Ch A/D & D/A
(Commercial and Military)

Complex Waveform
Generators (Commercial and Military)

16/24 Channel
Electric Fence Detection and
System Controller

Fast Prototyping and Concept Proofing
(Lake/Ocean bottom Silt Level Detection)

Cellulose Ethanol Processing and

Lighting and Robotics

Crop Photographs


Interior view of Test Bed 2 showing mature romaine lettuce of 140 to 160 grams.

180 gram harvested romaine lettuce.

Wide view of a Test Bed 2 lettuce crop. Colour is distorted in areas due to high light levels and splicing

Wide view of a Test Bed 2 lettuce crop with cluster cherry tomatoes in background.
(note: picture has been spliced to obtain larger view)


One cluster plant of Cherry Tomatoes in centre. Second plant to right of string.



Two Basil plants undergoing testing.

Green Peppers

A test of the first of 6, Green Pepper plants.



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